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What is The Quick Shop Box? This is an amazing innovation that Tiyi has created to get our customers what they need in a much quicker time frame. The products have already been pre-made, put in a box sealed and ready to be shipped the very next business day, however, depending on where you're locate in the United States, you should get your shipment within a week. This is great for those who are going on vacation, in dire need of product, or just need a quick gift for a birthday, bridal shower, or retirement party. There's no need to worry about the freshness of the products, because these boxes go fast!

Will you still provide "made to order" products? Yes, and they will be sold individually on the website. Please keep in mind that when you purchase these specific products it will take up to 7-14 business days to recieve your order. For example, if you order a Quick Shop Box along with 'made to order' products, most likely you will recieve your Quick Shop Box first. So enjoy what you have, and rest assured the rest of your order will soon be on the way. 

Why should I try your collection? We know that their are other great organic skincare companies out there on the market, and maybe you've tried some of them, but you you haven't tried the Royalty Spa Collection! Our products are freshly handmade with perfection with quality ingredients from our CEO's kitchen to your bathroom shelf. Tiyi, is a born again Believer of Jesus Christ, and a faithful minister of the gospel, therefore she prays for the anointing of healing, well-being, tranquility, and spiritual/natural  prosperity to manifest in the lives of every person who uses her product line. Also, if there is an ingredient in any of her formulations that you may be allergic to, you can contact us and we will be happy to customize it just for you! As you can see, royalty is our #1 policy, so give it a try you will not be disappointed. 

Are your sugar scrubs really edible? Yes they absolutely are. But we highly recommend that you use them for exfoliating your skin more than for a tasty treat. We like to stress the fact that they are edible, just to prove to you that our sugar scrubs have no harsh chemicals or perservatives in them, however, if you do decide to sneak a taste test in every now and then, be careful not to get a sugar rush. 

Do you have products for children? Yes of course! Although, we have formulated products especially for your precious little ones, our entire skin care line is safe enough to use on any member of your family, unless of course someone has a food allergy. In that case, just inquire with us first if you should have any questions about the ingredients we use.  Please never leave a young child unattended while bathing. 

What are your suggestions for utilizing your edible body scrubs?  Being edible is not the the main benefit of our scrubs, this is just a fun incentive.  Our products have overcome the faces of adversity.  In other words, our products have been proven by our customers that they carry awesome healing properties especially for ezcema, dry and itchy skin.  Even more benefits include; aromatheraphy, exfoliation, moisturizing, deodorizing, purifying, relaxing, soothing, detoxifing, strenghthening, and a protective barrier against different diseases and germs.  We have been told that "couples" have enjoyed them during their intimate moment spent together; with that in mind, feel free to use your imagination! Also, this is a great relief for parents with small children. If the child gets it in their mouth it won't harm them at all.  The only thing to worry about is the fact that your child may end up with a massive sugar rush ;-) , so please use close supervision while these products is in use.  Overall, when using our edible sugar body scrubs, the possibilities are endless, so have fun! 

How much do you charge for shipping? In the past I used flat rate shipping; which could cost my customers anywhere from $5.00 to $15.00. I decided to meet my customers half way, I now charge $8.50 across the board, no matter how big or small your order may be.  This gives me a sense of ease, so no one will feel overcharged for shipping. So we do recommend you shop wisely and get everything you need in one shot.  We will try this method for a limited time only, just to see how it works out for everyone, so our costs can change at any time, and our customers will always be given notice of our changes in advance.  But, if you order $50 or more in products, shipping will always be free of charge. By all means, if you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to email us and let me know. Here at RSC your opinion always count!

What should I try first from your line of products?  We suggest you try one of our best sellers; sugar body scrubs, bath oils, body oils, or bath sea salts. Our most popular fragances are Spearmint, Lavender Vanilla, and the Herbal Dream Pillows. Once you get your hands on any of these products, we guarantee that your skin will be begging you for more. It's okay to take it slow, explore your options, and discover the possibilities with the Royalty Spa Collection.

Can you explain "Tiyi's Tip Jar" on the checkout page? Sometimes we as consumers want to show our appreciation for a company we really love, and await an opportunity to do so. Mrs. Foreman works diligently  to ensure that you recieve the best quality products and customer service possible. Most of the sales she generates, go back into inventory. As a Small Business Owner, she will continue to do until she has reached her goal of becoming totally financially free.  No woman is an island, and without you there would be no RSC. If you so desire to leave a little extra, just select the amount you would like to give, click 'Tip Now!' and show her sum love! You will be suprised at how a little can turn into much when God is in it. Thank you! 


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