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Hair & Body Wash

Hair & Body Wash
Hair & Body Wash

The benefits of black soap used on the body brings remarkable results. We have formulated this hair and body wash to deeply cleanse and lightly moisturize your skin. Each natural ingredient used work together to create a deep cleansing action.  Black soap has been known to soften skin, relieve rashes, soothe scalp irritations, help with blemishes/wrinkles/fine lines, and so much more! Each individual person experience is different, so please be sure to let us know how this body wash works for you. We love black soap because it makes your skin feel fresher longer, without having that nasty film that the harsh chemicals in commercial soaps can leave behind. This also means healthier skin, and a happier you! All you need is a few drops added to your washcloth to cleanse your body, or several drops in your hair to experience all the wonderful benefits this product can bring. Please note our fragrances, "So Fresh" is a high quality fragrance oil, "Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, & Rosemary" fragrances are essential oils with natural healing benefits, and aromatherapy. Comes in an 8oz. bottle, always remember when using your luxurious-rich body wash, that a little goes a long way.  

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So Fresh: Scented
Lavender: Calming
Peppermint: Stimulates
Lemon: For dry skin
Rosemary: For itchy skin

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