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Raw Soap Bars

Raw Soap Bars
Raw Soap Bars

Now introducing our hand crafted raw black soap bars per request of our customers. These soaps have no added fragrances or essential oils. Just all natural, fresh, clean raw black soap. Get ready to experience all the benefits this product can bring such as: clearer skin (face & body), cleaner skin, and healthier skin. Some benefits include: helps to remove scars caused by acne, helps to remove skin irritations, suitable for all skin types, beneficial for skin diseases (psoriasis & eczema) helps effectively remove make-up, delays aging on the skin, benefits to oily skin, benefits to hair. Black soap contains a very high content of glycerin, it can easily absorb moisture from the air. To prevent it from spoiling due to humidity, it must be stored in a sealed plastic bag or dry container. This will give life to your soap. FYI: May not be the prettiest soap, but it's the best soap your skin could ever have! Each bar weighs 4.0-4.5 oz. Please note: Sizes and shapes may vary because this is a hand-crafted product in which we cut from a large block of product in which you can see in the picture above. Our black soap is imported from Ghana. Enjoy!


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Black Soap Bars:

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