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Meet Tiyi

My business began in 2007 right in my kitchen, pulling natural ingredients from my cabinet. I never thought that I would become successful with creating my own natural skin care products. It started with an inspiration and admiration from a good friend who had her own wonderful line of handmade products in the cutest boutique you ever wanted to see. (owned, decorated and ran by her) I was so impressed with all her hard work and dedication to her business. I can still remember that day so clearly when she spoke a profound prophetic word into my life.  This is what my dear friend Sophia told me, "Tiyi, you can do the same, all it takes is determination and research." I carried that word very close to my heart for 2 years, and finally it manifested right before my eyes. At that time, little did I know that those powerful words from Heaven destined me for greatness, which will allow me to leave a great legacy of prosperity behind for my children and grandchildren for many years to come. I know you are thinking, "Well, how does she do it?" I simply have obeyed the simple guidelines my friend gave me, researching, and studying on a daily basis about the wonderful benefits of natural herbs and oils on the body. But my main ingredient is prayer, in which I ask God to give me unique recipes to help heal and change people lives across the globe. Today, I so am humbled to say my Almighty Father has done just that. Words cannot express my thankfulness and gratitude for my current, new, and even potential customers who have pushed all skeptics aside and has given my product line a try. I can assure you that each of them are very happy with their decision. This company has come a long way, but each day I continue to see great growth and progress. Please know that when you order from us, you are not considered just another customer, but family. We care about your needs and try our very best to deliver them accordingly. God created each of you to walk in your royal essence just as He designed it to be originally from the beginning of time. Therefore, we use nothing but the best quality ingredients to formulate our skincare, haircare, footcare, and so much more. I know you have tried others, but you haven't tried the Royalty Spa Collection! If we don't have what you need, feel free to let us know we will try to create something especially for you. Visit my online Bath & Body Shoppe, and allow me to help you create your personal Royalty Spa experience right in the privacy of your very own home. This is a vision that will change lives generation after generation. Please allow me to share my gift with your family, you will be glad that you did!

With Royal Love & Light, 

Queen Tiyi El, Creator/CEO 

BKA "Queen of Prosperity"  

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