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There are several ways you can host a an Elegant Spa Party in your home, all you need is a plan of action and find at least 10 women who would like to be pampered. Think of a theme that will set the tone for your party. Don't be afraid to be creative and think outside of the box.  We can connect you with a Product Consultant in you area so that you can get started, or we can train you step by step on how to successfully host a party yourself, it's all up to you. You can plan to buy all your products for your party up front, in which you will receive a special hostess discount or you can get a sample kit customized specifically for your preferred party theme. If you choose the sample kit option, be sure to inform your guests that it will take 7-14 business days to receive their orders, or you can have the option of purchasing products in advance so that they will be readily available for your guests.


Do you want to enjoy your Elegant Spa Party away from the demands and responsibilities of your home life? Would you like for us to take care of the decorations and set-up of your theme for your party? Would you like to have a great time with just a few of your girlfriends? Are you a rookie at all this "spa stuff" and would like us to help you by leading the way? If you answered "YES" to at least 3 of these questions, we encourage you to host a party at a designated location of choice. This will take a little more time to plan, but it will be well worth it. A representative from our office will call you to set up a personal meeting to ensure that your event turns out to be a great success. A small cover charge will be required from your guests, but nothing will compare to the memories you will carry with you after this party is over. Call us today, and let's get started! 


Sugar Scrub Pampering - this party will give you guests an opportunity to use our wonderful sugar body scrubs on their skin.  They will have the option of using them on their face, hands, legs, and feet. If one of our Product Consultants are available in your city ask her how you can combine this party with our Deluxe Hand Treatment Pampering.

Massage Oil Pampering - this party will allow your guests to sample our massage and body oils. You may choose to give one another massages, or invite a massage therapist to come in and help you.  Use your creativity, and use your imagination when decorating and setting up your royal atmosphere.

Foot Soak Pampering - this party will be perfect for your guests who work all day on their feet. Choose an atmosphere of soft tranquil music, flower petals in their water basins, and any tropical drink of your choice. Your sales will soar when it's all over - so imagine the possibilities and then let's put them into action!

Mani/Pedi Pampering - this party will consist of basic manicures and pedicures for your guests to enjoy the royal experience of our foot soaks, sugar scrubs, bath salts, body oils, and luxurious body lotions. This is a great party to have on a Friday night in which your guests will look forward to a little pampering after a long and hectic week. Show them how much you care and give them a special girl's night out with the Royalty Spa Collection!

Marbles Pampering - this party will really delightfully shock your guests.  They will love the fact that you went the extra mile to give them the relaxation and fun that they have been waiting for. You will need to book this party at least one month in advance to ensure you have everything that you need.  Want to know more? Contact us for more detailed information. We highly recommend this Spa Party, because it's guaranteed to be a hit!
















Receive $10 MORE in free products when your party includes 10 individual orders from your guests.


When any of your guests books a future party, choose ANY ITEM available onsite for HALF-PRICE!

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