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"Creating natural skincare with a touch of elegance!"




Darryl Farabee "I Get A Smooth Shave" 

I'm so glad RSC is back and in Full Effect! I first learned about the products I tried the black soap and then I was talking with Christina Eve, about using Vaseline for my head after I shave. She gave me a wealth of knowledge about the ingredients and the damage I was doing, and most likely had burn spots because it's basically cooking oil. I laugh, but seriously she was speaking truth. She suggested I start using RSC Shea Butter Face & Body Cream. My Brothers not only did I get a smooth shave, but my skin tone cleared up and spots were gone, so I started using it on my face, now it;s smooth as a baby's bottom. I was so excited I became a Consultant to share The Good News about the healing virtue in these products. My friends & family was most satisfied with their results. Looking forward to The RSC Kings Kit. WOW WHAT A BLESSING!

Cheryl Mason "Products Are So Divine"

I Love Royalty Spa Collection...I still consider myself a RSC distributor. All products are so divine. I love the cherry butter, the raw black soap, spearmint butter. The oils, the body scrubs. You can feel the anointing and the scrubs really detox your skin. In using RSC it help me stop buying toxic stuff from the stores. My skin has improved so much and my skin is so smooth. I am glad to see it back up and running.

Christina Eve "Royal Treatment At Home"

Giving myself royal treatment at home. My skin & hair are loving me! Scalp was first massaged with Soothing Scalp Massage Oil, washed with raw black soap & now being conditioned with Deep Conditioning Treatment! Skin was detoxed by a fabulous Shea Butter Sugar Scrub, rinsed thoroughly and rubbed down with the lovely Sleep Like A Baby Massage Oil. Feet were scrubbed too and are moisturized with Blackberry Sage Body Butter. I should have done this all a little bit later 'cause I'm ready to SLEEP! Thanks RSC for creating such wonderful & refreshing products!!

Shelby Frederick "I Highly Recommend"

I RECEIVED MY LAVENDER MASSAGE OIL AND WHIPPED BODY BUTTER!!!! I used them BOTH....LOL!! You use some of the same oils that I use and I LOVE the lavender flower buds (great idea!) The body butter literally MELTS on your skin!! I HIGHLY recommend The Royalty Spa Collection to EVERYONE!! Blessings to you and if you... have not tried these products, you don't know what you're missing!!

Kimberly Ann "Juicy Black Eye!"

It's the MILLION dollar idea that has the enemy in a tizzy! Another level, another devil BUT....WE WIN, Glory be to GOD! Your creations NEVER cease to amaze me, you POSESS a GIFT that I have NEVER EVER seen in bath and body products. YOU WIN!!!! Off to place my UMPTEENTH order, giving the enemy a BIG fat juicy black eye!

Mia Yau "For the first time..." 

OMGosh, I used the deep conditioner in the shower without the cap (bcuz I was impatient and couldnt' wait) and OMG!! For the first time, my hair is soooo silky and smooth and soft!! I actually have curls instead of a frizzy mess!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! And the Scrubs..WOW. I especially Love the Shea Butter Scrub. But the Brown Sugar & Honey Scrub is amazing. And the Shea Butter Face Cream is awesome! Praise God I found you :D LOL Thank you soooo much! I knew it would be anointed ;) Merry Christmas!!! Praise be to God in the Highest!! 

Shenina Brown "Feels soooo good!"

Ok...let's see. Ummmm, I really don't know where to begin. First, RSC's customer service is ALWAYS off the chain. The owner, is such a wonderful lady! Ok, this was only my second purchase with the RSC but I'm trying to see why I haven't ordered sooner. I couldn't WAIT to get my package! Normally I have to pick it up at my Townhouse's leasing office when a notice is left...but THIS TIME, the mail woman actually came to MY DOOR with my package & I didn't hae to leave the comfort of my home....can you say F A V O R? And I haven't even gotten to the actual review yet LOL! My order consisted of the BABY SO SOFT HAND LOTION, BALSAM SWIRL HANDMADE SOAP, & THE LAVENDER HANDMADE SOAP!

The hand lotion smells & feels soooo good! The soaps are beautifully packaged  & look good enough to eat! I almost took a bite out of! And thennnnnnnn, to my beautiful surprise, I was blessed with a sample of the DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT along with a FREE CONDITIONING TREATMENT CAP! Now how blessed am I??? I can't wait to use the treatment on my hair & apply the cap. RSC, you have outdone yourself once again & I'm SO grateful to get a chance to experience such ROYALTY!

I pray blessings upon this business & SPEAK LIFE as always! Thank you for sharing your goodness with me. I have one request....I am in NEED of that Lavender Rain Bubble! I pray you will eventually add it back to your collection. If not, I'll pay double to have it! Thanks so much!!!!!

Emanuel Foreman "The Best Thing..."

The Lavender Vanilla Body Butter is the one of the best things that ever happened to me! 

Jaime Rohadfox "Because of my mother"

WOW! I just loooved the lavendar soap I ordered...I initially brought it for my now late mother; as lavendar is her favorite fragrance. I had planned to take some to her during my next visit, only my next visit turned out to be to memorialize her (may she rest in perfect peace)! So, I used the soap upon my return and OMG, it truly relaxed me. I am so grateful that because of my mother, I have a new found appreciation for lavendar! I will definitely be placing additional orders! 

Michaela Phifer "5 Stars!" 

LOVE the scrubs you sent. They aren't too abrasive on my sensitive skin and the smell is WONDERFUL! Thanks for making such an awesome product. 

Ms. Barbara, Erie, PA, "I thought I was dreaming!"

I started using the African Loc Pudding, and within a week's time I could see results and that my hair was growing back. It was so immediate I literally thought I was dreaming. If you need something to get your hair to grow and strengthen...this is it! I really enjoy these products, next I will be ordering some for my skin. Thank you very much!

Ms. Eddie, creator of "Sweet Nature by Eddie"

I started using the body scrubs awhile ago and LOVED them! When I ran out, I purchased a body scrub from a fancy department store because it was convenient! Never again...they were nowhere near as moisturizing; I actually had to add my own ingredients to it and it still wasn't effective! Although the jar said it was natural, when I compared it to yours; I really felt it just couldn't be...Your scrub makes me feel like I am doing something great for my skin; I even use it on my face! Thanks for making such an AWESOME product!!

Linda McDuffy "This Stuff Really Works!"

On each side of my head around the hair line, my hair had started receding. I started using the Loc Pudding just because it made my hair look good. Then I noticed in about three weeks my hair started growing back! And I had been using different products, but nothing helped. But now that I've used the Natural Secrets African Loc Pudding my hair has grown 1 inch long on each side where my hair was receding, and my sideburns they've grown 1/2 inch long also. This product is not only for people with dreadlocks, because I have really fine hair and it works perfectly for me. If it works this well on my hair and it's very fine in texture, it will work well for all different hair types natural or chemically relaxed. For example, I wash my hair, then I apply the Loc Pudding while it is damp, then sit under a hooded hair dryer, and then I flat iron or hot curl my hair. After doing so, my hair is silky, shiny,  smooth, with NO frizziness! I am very happy with your product and I will keep on using it, and I am so proud that you are my daughter. Thank you for helping mommy grow her hair back, it feels like you made this formulation just for me!

Pastor Lisa Martin "I Feel Pampered" 

OMG, Sis. I used the Spearmint Body Scrub and Spearmint Body Butter and I feel and smell so good. I feel pampered as if I went to the Spa today. It is amazing that you made these products. They are Awesome! Love you...hugs.

Fenold Etienne "Happy Progression"

I am so happy with the progress of my hair growth while using the African Loc Pudding and the entire Haircare System. My stylist who just so happens to be a Loc Head (lol) is considering ordering your products for all her clients.  I happen to be a product junkie who owned 24 different brands of products designed for locs. But ever since I started using your hair care system all those 25 products were put on Craigslist for sale.  Now only your products are being used in my household between my wife and I.  She is not too big on guys with locs, but she loves my progress.  My hair has grown so much that I am sending you a picture of my first braided loc style.

Dawn Lamp "Awesome"

The Banana Split Body Scrub is very good and tastes awesome!

Cheryl Malcolm "Capital L"

I sampled the Banana Split Body Scrub and I loved it!! With a capital L!! My whole family loved it.  The way it smells, the way it feels! I even love the way it tastes! Keep doing ya' thang!! 

Desiree Harris "I Love It" 

I used the Vanilla & Honey Body Scrub, LOVED IT!!! Makes my skin soft, smells good, and it lasts all day.  It's better than Bath & Body Works, better than Victoria Secrets, I love it.

Renee Coates Smith "Thank You"

I love your 'Baby So Soft' Hand Lotion, I use it every single day, not just on my hands but all over my body. I use it on my grandson too - it's some very good lotion!  This weekend I will be purchasing three more bottles, and I want to thank you for producing such a quality product. I am letting everyone know about the Royalty Spa Collection.

Pastor Karen Boston "Proud Fan"

I am a proud fan of the Royalty Spa Collection.  I love the fragrances of the oils and the feel of the product on my skin after a nice hot shower or bath.  Also, the customer service was great.  I live in Florida and my products arrived in a matter of days.  I am very pleased with the firm and it's products.

Rae Ann Jaycox "Smelling So Fresh"

I love both of your products the Ocean Paradise Bath Sea Salts felt really nice-left my skin soooo soft.The Lavender Vanilla Massage Oil left my skin so silky and smooth, and yes it did relax me and they both leave you smelling sooooo fresh!! I love them!!

Shenina Brown "Royal Bath Experience"

Lord have mercy on my soul!!!!!! The "LAVENDER RAIN BUBBLE BATH" is what's up!!! I used it along with the "SOOTHING WATERS MILK BATH" and I indulged my skin with pure ROYALTY! Even after my bath, I "still" smelled the scent from the bubble bath on my skin!!! My bath experience was definitely a ROYAL one and I thank God for giving you such a wonderful vision! Continue to keep him first & once again, I pray for INCREASE within this business! God bless you :-)

Candace Mumford "Enjoying Your Hair Spritzer"

Hello! I haven't been by since I received my first order and I wanted to let you know that my daughter and I (both naturals) have been throughly enjoying your hair spritz! We both use it every morning in our hair routine and your generous 8oz bottle is going fast! I'll be ordering again very soon and look forward to trying your hair creme as well. So any naturals on the fence ... I LOVE IT! I'm also enjoying your body oils after my showers. NOW, I know you're known for your sugar scrubs and yes I ordered those too! But when I ever get a relaxing moment to use those -so I'll be back to rave!

Kimberly Anne "Customer For Life"

Where oh where do I begin! First of all, the packaging was off the meter everything was in place for shipping jars, kudos to you! Now on to the products, I received the Berry Cherry and Spearmint Body Scrub. Lord have mercy on my living soul, when I say I have NEVER experienced scrubs such as yours I mean that. The gel consistency was on major point, the fragrance whoa! is all I can say. The ultimate test was using them in the bath as opposed to the shower. These are the FIRST scrubs that left my skin so silky smooth with just the right amount of oil and the scrub melted right in the water so I didn't have to sit in grit the rest of the time. I just enjoyed the spearmint experience. You have a customer in me for life, don't change a thing about your scrubs they are PERFECT! I will be back with my review on the massage oil with MYRRH, you better go head witcho' bad self! And for the milk bath and sea salt soak.

Just go thru using my oatmeal cookie bath as a facial mask, ooooo my face feels heavenly. Anyone wanna know how I did it? I purchased the oatmeal cookie bath, poured some in the palm of my hand, mixed a little water at a time, you will want it to be pastey, do not wet your face before hand, then apply mixture let set for 20 minutes then wash off. I bathe in RSC watermelon bath sea salt, and exfoliated with banana split body scrub. Lawd, lawd, lawd, I am on my RELAXATION! 

I had two very scaley dry patches just above my elbows going up toward my underarm. I've used the spearmint scrub on it for two weeks followed by my spearmint oil each evening. NO MORE DRY PATCHES they are GONE! I will continue the process, I love RSC. I will live by it's remedies to cure even the mildest case of eczema. Thank you!

Bridget Bridges "My Sanctuary"

Just wanted to let you know...Bailey's skin is healing! I had tears of joy this morning. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I cannot thank you enough. Your scrubs and bath oils are truly anointing. We are hooked! ALL NATURAL in 2010. We've been converted. Now can I get a gallon of the spearmint bath oil? LOL Well actually, I've been converted because I always use ALL NATURAL products on her. I now call my tub my sanctuary because I am so at peace when I put the spearmint oil in my water. Your bath oils are pure LUXURY!

Debronda Jones "Itch Gone Forever"

I attended the Royalty Spa Collection Debut with my son and daughter, and we had a very good time. We won door prizes, ate good food, and ordered her products. My son ordered the "Fit For A King" bubble bath, and my daughter and I ordered the "Baby So Soft" hand lotion. The products smelled so good we just had to buy it. Well, my daughter had a dry patch of skin on her hand that itched all the time, and my 2 year old grandson had the same condition on his back, and no matter what we tried (and we've tried everything) it just wouldn't go away! We decided to try the "Baby So Soft" hand lotion on these problem areas. In just a couple of days we noticed the patches were not there anymore, and there was no itching. We were very surprised. I told her about our results, and how pleased I was with my purchase. In closing I would like to say, the Royalty Spa Collection is like healing in a bottle, these products are simply amazing! 

Violet Jackson "Finally...A Night of Rest"

My skin is very sensitive and it doesn't matter what I use, after showering or taking a bath I feel very irritable and itchy. I ordered your Peppermint Foot Scrub, and liked the way it smelled and how it made my hands feel so much, that I decided to use it on my entire body. "Besides", I thought, "it's all natural ingredients what harm could it do?" I took a warm bath and massaged the scrub all over my skin. The fragrance was amazing, so I decided to relax in the water for a little while. When I got out the tub, I noticed my skin was saturated with the wonderful oils from my Peppermint Scrub, and there was no need for any lotion. I went to bed feeling so good, I was able to have a peaceful night of rest with no itching at all! I must say, whatever ingredients you put in my body scrub made a difference in my life. Thank you! I'll be back for more!

Melissa Williams "I'm Hooked!"

I am writing this testimonial to thank this company for producing her Royalty Spa Collection. I have skin that is very sensitive and oily, so I am very careful about what I use on my skin. I spoke to Mrs. El about her products. I knew that I wanted to try them but I was still uncertain. I told her about my skin and that if I use certain products, I would break out. She took my concerns in consideration and told me to try her Grapefruit Mask. I must say that every time I use this mask, which has already been three times my skin glows. NO BREAK OUT y'all! I am hooked on this product. If I am going out to a special event I make sure to use the mask because it also makes my make-up set better. Again, I thank you for your vision and your wisdom! 

Stephanie Fairley "Lovin' The Natural High"

I love my products and was I totally surprised  when they came in those wonderful glass jars. Way to go! Oh and the Chocolate scrub smelled oh so good and your so right it does taste good! Thanks again  for great service and wonderful products! I will be definitely ordering again! Continued success and blessings in your business and ministry.

Storm Innis "Thanks For Everything"

I like the Natural Secrets Daily Hair Spritzer, it stops the itching and smells good. I use the spray also to rollerset my locs. It also stops shrinkage. The Scalp Massage Oil is moisturizing and provides a great shine.

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